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Our collaboration with aimed to revamp their online presence, enhancing user engagement and providing a seamless platform for news consumption. The primary objectives included implementing custom content types, creating a unique theme design, optimizing page speed, integrating analytics tools, and enhancing the overall user experience.
Our journey with led to a comprehensive overhaul of their website, focusing on enriching news content and user interaction.
  1. Custom Content Types & Variables: We tailored the website’s backend to support diverse news content formats. This customization enabled organized and easy-to-navigate news articles, enhancing user experience.
  2. Custom Theme Design: A unique theme design was crafted to reflect’s brand identity consistently across the website. This design overhaul ensured a visually appealing and engaging platform for news consumption.
  3. Page Speed Optimization: Through rigorous optimization techniques, we improved the website’s loading speed, resulting in faster access to news content and enhanced user satisfaction.
  4. Analytics Integration: We integrated Google Analytics and AdWords to gain insights into user behavior, allowing us to refine content recommendations and analyze comprehensive traffic data.
  5. SEO Implementation: Employing effective SEO techniques, we enhanced the website’s visibility in search engine results, attracting a wider audience and improving organic traffic.
  6. User-Friendly Search Functionality: We implemented a user-friendly search feature, enabling visitors to find relevant news articles effortlessly, fostering an intuitive browsing experience.
  7. Newsletter Subscription Feature: To keep users informed about the latest news updates, we developed a newsletter subscription feature, enhancing audience engagement and retention.
  8. User Login and Registration System: The integration of a user login and registration system personalized content recommendations, catering to individual preferences and enhancing user satisfaction.
  9. Rigorous Testing and Bug Fixing: We conducted thorough testing and addressed any bugs or glitches to ensure a reliable and seamless website experience for visitors.
  10. Post-Launch Support and Updates: Our commitment extended beyond launch, as we provided ongoing support and updates to maintain optimal website performance and functionality.


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