How Alice Blue had a 42% bump in traffic with our WordPress Expertise

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The Client is a Fintech Company specializing in providing Financial Asset Management Tools such as Stock Trading, Mutual Funds, etc. For individual investors. Being one of the industry pioneers providing access to such tools in the Indian Market, their primary source of lead generation has been cold calls and referral networks for long. Online lead generation has been a thorn in their leg for long, and their previous Tech stack limited their Marketing Team’s abilities to test & execute rapidly to find what works for them. I partnered with this Client to help them build a highly custom yet dynamic website so that their user-targeted content can be rapidly deployed, tested & managed, while simultaneously being easy to manage for the non-technical Marketing Team. The main challenge was simplifying the complete process of Website Development & Content Management process for the Marketing Team, so that they would be able to manage the entire website with minimal technical requirements.
  • Conducted a thorough market-research of the industry-wide Website Approaches in order to come up with the best strategy for high-traffic and lead generation websites in Fintech Industry.
  • Used the research to plan a strategy for content & database structure in order to completely revamp existing website.
  • As per the content & database structure strategy, a highly consistent Design System and corresponding Ui Design was created for the complete website.
  • A Highly informative website design with a fast speed was required, for which we kept a max 5 section formula for each page.
  • A very stripped-down version of all the features was implemented, with a focus on code, while still keeping with the core promise of making it easier for the Content team to add/subtract things from the website.
  • A complete theme template system was implemented using Elementor Theme Builder & PHP, so that even later down the line, new content can be created without any hassle with code.
  • All the dynamic tools for the visitor’s financial purposes were kept dynamic in nature, and created using JavaScript, so that the load times are kept fast for SEO Purposes.
  • Overall, the final output was, a feature-rich yet very fast website, with diversified content yet having a highly consistent content implementation.


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