How’s 100 Year Plan Redefines Online Presence

Imagine having a way to ensure your online presence for not just years, but generations to come. That’s exactly what’s latest offering, the 100 Year Plan, aims to provide. This extraordinary plan introduces an opportunity to secure a domain for an entire century, along with premium managed hosting, advanced ownership measures, and 24/7 top-notch support. In this blog post, we’re delving into the heart of this plan, discussing its costs, details, and all the perks that come with this innovative choice.

Why Opt for the 100 Year Plan?

For two decades now, has been a reliable platform for millions to share their stories, images, videos, and more with the world. Many users have embarked on their digital journeys from the start, and has proudly stood alongside them.

Yet, the platform understands that some users seek more than just a space to share. They desire a guarantee that their digital legacy will remain intact and accessible through the twists and turns of technological progress. Whether it’s a family history, a company’s tale, or a personal brand, they want to safeguard it for posterity.

This leads us to the 100 Year Plan: an exclusive solution tailored for those who want the utmost in security and longevity for their online presence. This isn’t solely about the present, but an investment in what’s to come. It’s a testament to the endless possibilities that the future holds.

Understanding the Cost

The 100 Year Plan comes with a one-time fee of $38,000. While this might appear substantial, breaking it down reveals a cost of $380 per year for the duration of the plan. Considering that a typical domain registration costs around $15 per year and premium managed hosting usually runs at about $300 per year, this price is genuinely reasonable for the comprehensive package.

However, you’re not just acquiring a domain and hosting. You’re gaining the reassurance that your digital legacy will remain safeguarded for a full century. You’re obtaining access to dedicated and personalized support that will guide you at every step. Enhanced ownership protocols make transferring or gifting your site easy. Automated backups across multiple servers and the Internet Archive ensure content preservation. You also have the option of a locked mode to prevent unauthorized changes.

Unveiling the Plan’s Features

The 100 Year Plan boasts the following key features:

1. Century-Long Domain Registration

Unlike standard domain registrations that last a decade, this plan enables you to secure your domain for a remarkable hundred years. Choose any available domain name, from extensions like .com, .net, .org, .blog,, .in, and more.

2. Top-Tier Managed WordPress Hosting

Experience the finest in managed WordPress hosting with unlimited bandwidth, top-notch speed, and unbeatable security, all conveniently bundled together. Benefit from automatic updates, SSL certificates, CDN integration, Jetpack features, and more.

3. Round-the-Clock Premier Support

The 100 Year Plan provides personalized support from the moment you express interest. Tap into a team of experts to help with site setup, queries, troubleshooting, and optimizing your site to achieve your objectives.

  • Enhanced Ownership Protocols: Navigate life’s milestones seamlessly. Whether you’re passing on a site to a newborn or ensuring a smooth ownership transition, is by your side. You can designate up to three beneficiaries who’ll inherit your site in case of unforeseen circumstances. Transferring or gifting your site during the century is also hassle-free.
  • Added Peace of Mind: As guardians of your life’s work, takes this role seriously. The platform maintains multiple backups across diverse data centers, submits your public site to the Internet Archive (with an opt-out option), and offers a locked mode to prevent unauthorized alterations. You can even request an annual physical copy of your site on a USB drive.

Is This Plan Right for You?

The 100 Year Plan isn’t a fit for everyone. It’s designed for those who aim to secure their online legacy well into the future. If you value stability and longevity over constant change, this is for you. If you have a clear vision of your online goals and how you want to be remembered, this is your solution.

The 100 Year Plan is ideal for:

  • Families wanting to preserve their digital heritage—family stories, images, sounds, and videos—for generations. Create a family website showcasing ancestry, milestones, traditions, and values. Family members can even have individual sites to document their personal journeys.
  • Founders seeking to safeguard their company’s history, present, and future. Craft a company website to display mission, products, services, the team, and impact. Sub-sites for departments or projects can share updates and insights.
  • Individuals desiring a steady, adaptable, and tailored online space that can evolve with future technological shifts. Create a personal site reflecting passions, skills, hobbies, and personality. Niche sites can delve into specific topics for sharing with the world.

Getting Started

If the 100 Year Plan intrigues you, begin by filling out an interest form on’s website. A representative will reach out, guiding you through domain selection, site setup, and plan activation. Expect a welcome package with an ownership certificate, a site copy on a USB drive, and swag.

This limited-time offer is available until December 31st, 2023. If you’re enticed by the opportunity, don’t wait. Secure your online legacy today with’s 100 Year Plan—an investment in your digital future.

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